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COVID Procedures

As we start off this new and exciting dance season amidst a pandemic, Stardom Dance Academy will be implementing the following COVID Procedures: 

1. Students must have their temperatures taken and hands sanitized before entering the dance room.

2. A COVID Waiver must be signed before your dancer begins the season. 

3. Parents are required to wear a mask in the lobby with a MAX Capacity of five (5) people at any time. 

4. Any surfaces touched during class will be sanitized in-between each class including ballet barres, stretch barres, and stretch bands in SST. As always, the Studio will be cleaned thoroughly each night. 

5. Masks are OPTIONAL for dancers in class as they will remain socially distant. There are MASK REQUIRED classes available if you would prefer to have this extra precaution. Please check the Class Name in the Parent Portal for a Mask Required class. We will have squares for dancers to remain in unless getting water (one at a time) or going across the floor. We also have masks available for purchase at the front desk. 

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